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2015 Frankoma™ Pottery • No material may be reproduced without written permission.
This creature was designed by Cindy Cushing of Rozart Pottery fame.
The bison (it is not a buffalo!) stands just 2 and 1/8" tall and is 3 and 1/4" long. Very lovely.

Colors include Ocean Mist (as pictured) and Winter's Fog. Limited quantities of other colors.

Ink marked with the letters "FPC" underneath the hooves.
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Mini American Bison
This new elephant is another design by Cindy Cushing of the Kansas City Rozart family.
The raised trunk symbolizes good luck!

It is 6" long and 3.75" tall

Available in Black and Winter's Fog glaze
Elephant FPC
This Rainbow Trout is designed by Cindy Cushing who grew up in the wonderfully talented Rozart Pottery family (George and Rose Rydings).

The current owner of Frankoma Pottery loves to fish for trout in Missouri rivers.

The Trout is 5.5" long and 3.5" tall

Available in Ocean Mist
Rainbow Trout FPC