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The complete Frankoma Nativity set contains 12 pieces:
Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Shepherd Sitting, Shepherd with Lamb Around Neck,
Shepherd with Outstretched Hand, Wiseman Standing, Wiseman Kneeling with Folded Hands, Wiseman Kneeling with Bottle, Kneeling Camel, Cow, and Donkey.

The tallest item is 9". Baby Jesus figurine is 3.25" in length.

Now You can purchase the following groups of the Nativty set.

12 pc Set (see what it includes above) - $390.00
3 pc Starter Set (Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus) - $80.00
3 pc Wiseman Set - $100.00
3 pc Shepherd Set - $100.00
3 pc Animal Set (Sitting Camel, Donkey, Cow) - $140.00

Glaze color: White
Frankoma Pottery is pleased to add the "Standing Camel" to our Nativity Collection. As it is a new item, we will price it separately from the rest of the Nativity set.

Due to the complexity of the piece, it has proven to be a challenging piece to make! This great camel stands 8.5" tall.
Price: $59.99 - White glaze only
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