Frankoma Pottery Artware Collection

Rainbow Trout

This Rainbow Trout is designed by Cindy Cushing who grew up in the wonderfully talented Rozart Pottery family (George and Rose Rydings). 

The current owner of Frankoma Pottery loves to fish for trout in Missouri rivers. 

The Trout is 5.5″ long and 3.5″ tall

Available in Ocean Mist glaze.

Price: $22.99

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Mini American Bison

This creature was designed by Cindy Cushing of Rozart Pottery fame. The bison (it is not a buffalo!) stands just 2 and 1/8″ tall and is 3 and 1/4″ long. Very lovely.

Colors include Ocean Mist (as pictured) and Winter’s Fog. Limited quantities of other colors.

Ink marked with the letters “FPC” underneath the hooves.

Price: $39.99

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Elephant FPC

This new elephant is another design by Cindy Cushing of the Kansas City Rozart family. 

The raised trunk symbolizes good luck!

It is 6″ long and 3.75″ tall

Available in Black and Winter’s Fog glaze

Price: $29.99

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NEW Buffalo Wall Plaque

4.5″ tall
Designed by Lacy Green

Available in Rubbed Bisque and Ocean Mist

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Price: $29.99

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Bee Happy

Bee Happy is another attractive design from Cindy Cushing.

You will want to smile when you hold it in your hands!
The bee stands 3″ tall.

We emphatically promise it will make you very happy and definitely not sting!

Available in White, Yellow, and Bisque

Price: $29.99



Miniature Fan Dancer

One of Frankoma Pottery’s best-known pieces has been re-created in a smaller form.

The original Joe Taylor designed piece is 8.5″ tall, while this new miniature stands at 3.5″ in height. 

The first 50 pieces are numbered and come in 2 glazes:
Winter’s Fog, and Ocean Mist. 

Very beautiful!

Price: $49.99


 Sequoyah’s Cabin

 The Oklahoma Cherokee tribe has graciously allowed Frankoma Pottery to re-make Sequoyah’s Cabin from an original Cherokee Pottery mold. The cabin is 3.5″ in height. The bottom of this piece contains both the Frankoma Pottery mark and a new Cherokee mark.

Available glaze colors: Rubbed Bisque, White and Winter’s Fog

Price: $34.49


Cherokee Water Spider Ornament

The Oklahoma Cherokee tribe has graciously allowed Frankoma Pottery to re-make the Water Spider ornament from an original Cherokee Pottery mold. The spider is 3.5″ across. The bottom of this piece contains both the Frankoma Pottery mark and a new Cherokee mark.

Available glaze colors
Rubbed Bisque, White, Winter’s Fog, Turquoise, Navy, Grand Canyon

Price: $19.99


Orville Knight Vase

Each vase is individually numbered
and production limited to 250 vases total
Includes a certificate of authenticity.

Vase is 5.25″ tall by 5″ wide.

Price: $29.50


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The Tufted Titmouse

The tufted titmouse (Baeolophus bicolor) is a small songbird from North America, a species in the tit and chickadee family (Paridae). 
Add this little songbird to your Frankoma Pottery collection!

Size is 1.5″ tall and 3.5″ long

Available glaze colors
Red, Navy, Winter’s Fog, Gun Metal

Price: $22.49


Turtle Paperweight

Another Frankoma Pottery Classic!

Available glaze colors

Winter’s Fog, Grand Canyon, Gun Metal, Turquoise, and Rubbed Bisque

Order yours today!

Price: $24.99


94TP – Toothpick Holder

This wonderful Wagon Wheel pattern toothpick holder stands approximately 2.25 inches tall. 

It shows Frankoma mold number 94TP on the bottom.

Frankoma Pottery will provide a random colored toothpick holder.

Order yours today!

Price: $19.99

The C15 is a Frankoma Pottery Classic!

Patterned after a real auger bit used to drill for oil,
this mug has been a Frankoma Favorite for a long time.

5″ tall
Available in Black or White glaze.

Order yours today!

Price: $35.00


Vintage Dealer Sign – Desert Gold

Order yours today!

Price: $39.99

Vintage Dealer Sign – Prairie Green

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Price: $64.99

Mom’s Old Train Money Bank 

Each train is numbered and initialed by the developer Ben Chronister
and comes with a story about Mom’s Old Train.

Train is 5″ long by 4″ tall.

Price: $34.99